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Thuringia Logistics Network champions the whole industry in the free state. The objective is to sustainably strengthen the competitiveness of individual members and the location overall. At the same time, the network also focuses on an exchange with knowledge and research institutions and politics.

Thuringia’s central location in Europe and the well-developed transport infrastructure are clear location advantages. That’s why the network particularly promotes the development of the free state into a European distribution window and its establishment as a central logistics location for e-commerce in Germany.

Our objectives

Companies and specialists who want to understand and shape logistics as a lever for a greater level of efficiency, cost optimisation and future viability come together in the Thuringia Logistics Network. This is what our objectives are based on.
  • Grouping companies’ ideas, requirements and interests
  • Developing sustainable logistics that are fit for the future
  • Expanding logistics-oriented transport infrastructure
  • Promoting innovations and new technologies
  • Using economy, knowledge and research
  • Qualifying staff through education and training
  • Strengthening the location for relocations to Thuringia

To achieve these objectives, four network groups have been founded that each focus on different aspects of ‘Logistics in Thuringia’: marketing for the Thuringia logistics location, securing specialist staff securing specialist staff through education and training, innovation in logistics through collaboration with companies and universities, and groups for logistics services. This means the network is in the best position to make Vision 2020 a reality.

News out of the Network

Die neue Geschäftsstelle stellt sich vor

Sehr geehrte Mitglieder & Freunde des Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V.,
das Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen hat sich sowohl räumlich als auch personell...

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Virtuelles Netzwerkevent Fachkräfte für die Logistik in Corona-Zeiten

Erfurt, 2. Juni 2020


Auch wenn die Corona-Krise derzeit viele Unternehmen der Logistikbranche hart getroffen hat, bleiben die Themen Personal und...

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Rückenwind bei der Suche nach geeignetem Personal – Kooperation für Fachkräfte in der Thüringer Logistik

Thüringer Agentur Für Fachkräftegewinnung und Branchenverein Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen e.V. vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit / Wirtschaftszweig in...

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Your contact person: Tillmann Bauer
Phone: 0361 - 511 502 60

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