From Thuringia
to the World.

Thuringia has the potential to become one of Germany’s leading logistics and e-commerce regions.

The network supports this development. The objective is to be the first point of contact for logistical issues and a central point of contact for collaboration and innovation projects in Thuringia in future.

As part of its ‘Strategy 2020’, the network has set itself the following tasks:

  • Intensify networking within and outside of the industry and academia
  • Expand collaboration and promote research projects
  • Open up business options for members
  • Secure specialist staff and develop staff by promoting education and training for logistics providers
  • Promote innovation

The level of attractiveness of clusters for logistics growth should also be increased. That’s why a separate junior logistics platform should be set up with attractive offerings and membership terms.

Do you share our objectives and visions?

Then become a member of the Thuringia Logistics Network

Let us work together on solutions to your challenges from our industry. The network lives on through your suggestions and issues. Join us!

Your contact person: Tillmann Bauer
Phone: 0361 - 511 502 60

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News out of the Network

Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen erhält Auszeichnung für Clustermanagement

Pressemitteilung 18. April 2019


Das Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen ist mit dem Bronze-Label der European Cluster Excellence Initiative ausgezeichnet...

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„Become A Youngster@LNT“: Logistiker von morgen gesucht

Pressemitteilung 19.03.2019


Die Logistikexperten von morgen bereits heute zusammenbringen – das will das Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen (LNT) mit dem...

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Logistik Netzwerk Thüringen will mit der Bundeswehr bei Fachkräften kooperieren

Pressemitteilung 01. März 2019


Die Thüringer Logistikwirtschaft könnte zukünftig auch von Fachkräften der Bundeswehr profitieren.

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